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The mission statement of the Personnel Office is to service colleagues at the school and to plan all human resources related affairs.

The office has one director and under it a Human Resources Section, each with its own section head and a small staff.


1. All personnel regulations are drafted in accordance with the school’s teaching philosophy and related labor laws, and executed in accordance with the development of school affairs and can be reexamined and upgraded whenever necessary.

2. The reason and focus of a personnel system and management measures is to promote administrative efficiency and establish a performance-oriented employee-friendly management system.

3. Comprehensive measures on the welfare, insurance and pension provisions of teaching and administrative staff, with particular focus on being user friendly and proactive in seeking to optimize the well-being of colleagues.

4. In response to the theory and practice of modern human resources development the objective is to enhance school management and coordination and introduce new management knowledge, to improve service efficiency and seek harmony and stability on campus.